Casting and Booking

Casting and Booking

Locating the right talent to be in front of the camera is a make-or-break proposition. The person in charge of this area must have great instincts, a good eye, and be able to recognize when talent is capable of translating their character through the screen.

This phase of production also includes making talent look the part in every way necessary.

The person in charge of casting holds the keys to finding the right actor to bring a character to life. Knowing where to find the right actor is key. Knowing how to prepare for and hold auditions is essential for helping to discover the right talent.

The flipside to casting, on a reality or documentary project, is Booking. Finding the right person, who has the right story to tell, and who possesses the ability to actually convey heart and tell the story is no easy job. But, locking in a great booking is critical for making any project reach its true potential.

Being in charge of wardrobe means being responsible for the design, fitting, purchase, manufacture, continuity, and care of all costume items on productions being made. “Costume” refers to what the Actors wear, which can differ widely from production to production, ranging from modern-day urban fashion to period western garb, and even suits of armor. Wardrobe is also responsible for jewelry, footwear, hosiery, and sometimes wig-work. Wardrobe is integral in creating the overall ‘look’ of the project. It provides the audience with information about the period, culture, and society the characters inhabit and helps to establish the underlying themes of the film itself.

Work in this area is divided between two “wardrobes”: the “Making Wardrobe”, which incorporates the design, acquisition, and creation of costumes during pre-production; and the “Running Wardrobe”, which takes care of the organization, maintenance, and continuity of costumes during the film shoot.

In addition, Wardrobe makes sure that people in front of the camera for Documentary and Reality projects are dressed correctly for the story being told and moment being portrayed.

Make-up Artists are responsible for the overall design and execution of the make-up needs on whatever project they are assigned to. They work closely with the person in charge of Wardrobe and the Producer/Director to ensure that each actor’s overall “look” compliments every aspect of the script. The Make-up Artist may create an overall design brief established to create a specific look and feel that are needed.

Make-up Artists break down the script: creating make-up styles for each character. They are in charge of important details like facial hair, contact lenses, teeth, etc. They implement any special effects make-up that may require prosthetics or other means of creating a needed effect. They also oversee its continuity throughout the shoot.

Working with a variety of people with widely varying personalities, making them look good, and creating the right atmosphere for their subjects to be creative in, are qualities that are a must in the make-up field.


As a Production Track Intern, you will learn the Phases of Production:


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