The CCM Difference

The CCM Difference
The way you learn at the Center for Creative Media makes all the difference! Find out exactly how CCM is like no other Film School, College, or Trade School.

Reel Preparation


Center for Creative Media Graduates will tell you one of the most valuable parts of their CCM experience is the real world production environment. CCM is a real production company, doing real projects, for real clients. The CCM experience does not involve text books and taking tests. Those would be pieces of a theoretical production environment. The fact is, CCM is the real deal. You will have to learn your craft while collaborating with other creative people while living within budgets and meeting deadlines.

CCM has worked hard to create an environment that replicates what really goes on in professional production environments like Hollywood and New York.

This real world production environment is critical in preparing you to make a quicker and stronger start wherever you decide to practice your craft after CCM.

Building a Strong Faith

All Center for Creative Media interns will be spiritually equipped to stand firm in their beliefs as they enter the entertainment business. Training will include Biblical foundations, character development, development of personal quiet times, and accountability.

Like-minded Calling

Developing professional skills while growing closer to God is even more energizing when you’re doing it alongside others who are committed to the same calling as you. Climbing the same mountain is easier when you’re with a team. When you are all dedicated to the same thing, you can lock arms going through the rough moments, and celebrate victories together.


The CCM environment is ideal for combining your calling and personal walk with the Lord at the same time. Finding time to be in the Word during busy production seasons, the ability to develop community while being in a demanding field, and the commitment to use the mediums of film and television while many Christians are trying to cut media out of their lives puts you on the path to glorify the Lord while growing deeper in your relationship with Him.

Don’t Have to Compromise

You don’t have to sacrifice your beliefs in order to tell stories that reach people through the big screen. In fact, it’s possible to be the only Christian on a production staff and still stand strong in your walk with the Lord. Graduating from CCM means that you will have learned to trust the Lord to guide you through story decisions, production challenges, and to be salt and light as a complete storyteller.

Learning from the Pros

During the course of the program, CCM interns will have the opportunity to learn their craft from a staff of experienced and talented experts, as well as from professionals who currently work in film, television, and media production. The received training prepares our interns with the skills and principles necessary to succeed in any area of the entertainment industry. You’ll have experience with everyone from our Executive Director and Founder, Doug Rittenhouse, to the entire CCM Staff, to all the individuals you’ll meet on the Professional Encounters you’ll have throughout your time in the program.

Reel Credits

Seen by Millions

Nothing that the Center for Creative Media produces can be classified as “student projects.” Most of what our interns create is showcased in movie theaters across the country, seen by hundreds of thousands at live events across North America, or viewed by millions on television worldwide.

Real Credits

Much of what you will work on during your time at CCM are real projects seen by real audiences in mainstream release. That means you not only graduate having accomplished the goals of your internship, but you also gain real credits to stack on your resume and legitimate material to create a professional reel with!

No Classrooms

CCM is not a classroom experience. This is a hands-on, practical, “do it for real” experience. When you leave CCM, you will be fully prepared to work in the film and television industry, and be ready to handle the rigors of that tough environment, all while standing out as salt and light. Much of your training comes from real industry veterans who take the time to pour into the Center for Creative Media interns.

Reel Value

The investment for coming to the Center for Creative Media can only be described as an “unmatched value!”

All Included

Many interns at CCM travel all over the country. ALL of the travel expenses are COVERED by the base costs paid by each intern. They do production at live events. They are part of teams producing broadcast television. They shoot films and videos at locations all over the country. They participate in professional encounters where the pros actually work. Some even travel internationally—a recent intern did shoots in Nepal, Italy, and London, all in one summer!

All housing, books, production equipment, and supplies are included.

Half Price by Comparison

The cost of film school is astronomical.
The costs of most trade schools are sky high as well.
A series of examinations of the cost of attending CCM versus a college or trade school is very revealing.
Literally for sometimes only half the price, Center for Creative Media delivers more hands-on, practical (not theoretical) experience and provides a creative collaborative environment that is nearly impossible to find in other learning environments.

CCM’s Financial Value

It’s simple addition really.
Hands on Experience + Actual Credits + Spiritual Growth for an ALL INCLUSIVE low cost = REEL VALUE

Reel Impact


While you are learning, gaining experience and credits, you are reaching a real audience and impacting them with every frame you create.


Much of what is created by CCM is reaching people in their time of need. It could be a short film that encourages them, a curriculum that helps them, a TV show that pierces their heart at a critical moment, or a video that is part of an event that causes them to encounter God for the very first time. Whatever project you work on, you are not only honing your craft for your big break—you’re kingdom-building right now!

Reel Production

The inside scoop on CCM from current Interns:

I’ve been at CCM for only three and a half months, and I have had more opportunities than I could have imagined—from writing an episode of a television show, to doing a live broadcast in New York. I can’t wait to see what these next two years have in store!
– Evan Morgan, 20

After being here for over a year as an Actor and Editor I have learned more than I ever imagined I could! CCM has taught me that it is possible to impact film and television from the inside out!
– Serina Borny, 19

As a former film school student, I can say with complete and absolute certainty that CCM has given me much more invaluable experience. There’s no problem with going to classes, and head knowledge is good, but a true to life work environment with a firm Christian foundation? You’ll only find that at CCM.
– Joey Brito, 21

I decided to come to CCM to get professional training in film and television because I participated in the Hands On Media Experience and was impressed with the program and the staff. I knew it was going to be good, but I had no idea how fast I would be working along side professionals and playing a major role in creating content.
-Drew Powell, 24

After being here for almost 2 years, CCM has taught me to not go down where the path may lead, but to go instead where there is no path and leave a trail; and that is an experience I can’t place a value on.
– Sofia O’Connell, 18

People have been complaining about Hollywood for years. Let’s stop complaining and do something about it.
– Tim Martin, 21

I was looking for a place that taught filmmaking and live production in a classroom-free environment. At CCM, I not only receive hands-on training on real projects, but I also get the opportunity to work with real Hollywood professionals.
– Bradyn Litster, 18

I came to CCM to gain experience in the film industry and that is exactly what they gave me. After just four months in the program I have done film work all around the US, operated a camera for a live event in New York, and next month I will be traveling to Turkey to shoot a film project.
– Josh Layton, 20

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