Center for Creative Media | Graduate Awards

CCM Graduates are trained to bring excellence to everything they make and do.

Whether they have produced pieces that bring causes to light, or whether they are being recognized for instilling superior quality to a piece they have made, CCMers have been recognized with awards for the quality of the work that they do.



An outstanding example is David Fry.


David Fry Wide

David Fry — Emmy Award Winner


Producer / Director / Editor / DP


Being a great professional starts with being a great student, constantly watching, listening, and absorbing. David Fry has this skill down! During his time at CCM, David soaked in the experiences, knowledge, and relationships to set himself apart as a talented editor and story teller.


After spending three and a half years at CCM as an intern and a staff member, David was armed with big dreams and determination as he headed to his home town of Seattle.

It didn’t take long for him to land a job with Seattle’s CW Channel 11. After just a few short months, David’s skill as a story teller became apparent, and he added the skills of Producing and Camera to his already formidable talents in the Graphics and Editing fields. He was tenacious and dedicated, and soon his consistent work garnered him two Emmys and two Emmy nominations. “It was a great feeling. I thought, ‘Wow, while I was at CCM, I dreamed of winning an Emmy, and now I have. That’s pretty good!’”


His first Emmy was for his role as Producer/Editor on a documentary, sharing the journey of a modern dance ballet crew and its creator, Donald Byrd (The Color Purple). His second Emmy recognized his role as Producer/Editor on a special, telling the stories of a fourteen-year-old skateboarder, a soldier songwriter, and a girl working to break into the songwriting business.


Today, David continues his work at CW 11, still learning and growing to stay on the cutting edge of a changing industry. He’s directed his own short film, creates programs, and has developed his own mobile web apps.


Through it all, David contributes his success to one key factor: knowing how to reach the audience with a great story. “I never consider myself a technical editor. I’m more of a story teller, and that’s what I learned from Doug and from CCM. People care about people. If you can get people to care about your subject, they will forget everything else.