Center for Creative Media | Kirk Fletcher

Kirk Fletcher

Be ready. Be dependable. Be the one who can be counted on! At CCM, Kirk Fletcher was always that guy. Consistently pressing to do more, he acquired the skills of camera operation and working within a crew to pull off major productions.



Now in Hollywood, Kirk has found that all his experience at CCM prepared him to seize his break. After only two months of trying to make it big in Tinseltown, Kirk landed a job at Any Point of View, one of the (if not the) major Jib/Crane/Steadicam houses in L.A. In his time as a Camera Op and AC for this premiere company, Kirk’s versatility has grown to include everything from Features and Music Videos to Game Shows and Reality Shows, each job requiring a different approach and shooting style. One of his favorites moments so far has been working on the final season of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. As an avid viewer of the show himself, he’s loved bringing that entertainment to others. He’s also worked on the Oscars, Golden Globes, The Amazing Race, Master Chef, The Biggest Loser, and America’s Next Top Model.


Kirk’s credits include working in productions seen on: NBC, CBS, ABC, E! Network, MTV, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Cartoon Network. He’s also worked on stages and backlots at Sony, Fox, Paramount, Sunset Gower, and Warner Brothers.


Through all his gigs, he’s learned several major Hollywood must-do’s: Be available. Be the “can do” guy. “If you’re a great camera operator but you don’t get along with anyone, no one will want to work with you,” he says. “It’s all about your attitude towards what you do. Being a hard worker goes a long way, but your personality plays into everything!”


Looking back, Kirk says being at CCM’s video production school really prepared him to realize his dream. He learned how to work the camera and tell the story. But, he also learned all the stuff that books don’t tell you. “Through the hands-on experience at CCM, I learned set etiquette. I was able to show up already understanding how a set works and the process of who you need to talk to to get the right information. CCM gave me a jump start, not having to learn from the bottom. Even after my first couple of jobs, I was already having people request me!” And now, Kirk is in fact salt and light!