Center for Creative Media | Lighting Diagram: Booklight

Lighting Diagram: Booklight

Lighting Diagram: Booklight

I recently setup an interview in our studio for a client and thought I would  share the lighting setup logistics. I really wanted to see how soft I could make our Arri 2Ks on this setup, so I made a book light. Here is a photo of the set:

The first piece of the set was the key light. I knew my setup would take up a lot of space so I wanted to get that up first. I shined a 2k arrilite into a 4’X8’ bounce card, and then set up a silk curtain behind the 2k. With this setup we have light bouncing from our bounce card and through diffusion for a nice soft wrap. Because of the size of our light source, the light is even softer. On the other side of the subject I placed a smaller bounce card for a little bit of fill.

For the background I placed a few pieces of blue fabric with a 300w tungsten light illuminating them. I also placed a strip of light bulbs in the background to add some interest. These three light bulbs created a nice back light as well. For my camera setup I was using a Canon 5D Mark ii with zoom of 200mm. When the set was all done I added a Rouge Cosmetic gel to the 2K to add some skin tone to the light. By bouncing the 2k off of a white bounce card, it was producing a very white light. This key added some of the skin tones back into the light. 

I had a ton of fun with this set up. Using book lights are a great way to light your subject if you need some soft light. Try experimenting with some of the stuff I showed you in this post and see what you come up with for your set. Try mixing and matching different techniques until you come up with your own style.

Josh Layton

Josh Layton is a 22-year-old cinematography student from Pennsylvania. He attends school at Center for Creative Media, a Christian film school in Tyler, TX. He draws much of his inspiration from adventure and being in nature. He cites bacon as one of his greatest creative muses.

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