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My Favorite Oscar Categories and Predictions

My Favorite Oscar Categories and Predictions

Oscar season is here again and it’s full of magnificent nominations. It’s going to be pretty hard to select winners this year since there really is so many deserving nominations. While I enjoy the whole award show, there a few categories I’m looking forward to the most this time around.

Actress In A Supporting Role

This category is jammed packed with some of the top leading ladies in Hollywood, and all of them gave deserving performances. Nicole Kidman had a very strong performance in Lion that I really enjoyed watching. Ultimately, I just feel like she didn’t have enough screen time to work with. I believe Viola Davis is going to be receiving the award for her performance in Fences simply for the amount of heart and love that she displayed onscreen. She was really able to boost Denzel Washington’s performance, which clearly is not easy to accomplish simply because it’s hard to boost his performance any higher than it already is. Davis was just too charismatic and believable in this role to be shunned this Oscar season.

Visual Effects

Who doesn’t like a visually beautiful movie? The nominees for this category are just phenomenal. It’s a shame that only one can win the award. The Jungle Book had great visuals and Neel Sethi interacted with those visuals perfectly. Kubo and the Two Strings deserves a win strictly because of the amount of work that had to go into making a huge stop-motion animation film. In the end, however, I’m going with Doctor Strange for the win. Although the story lacked a little in originality, it made up for with visuals. I’ve never seen battle scenes, or any scenes for that matter, that were so flamboyant and psychedelic. Doctor Strange is a visual gem for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as movie history.

Best Picture

The Academy Award for Best Picture is the greatest award that can be earned by a motion picture. This year’s nominees are all well deserved. Hell or High Water had a brilliant mix of drama and laughs and the characters are just so likable. Fences was a powerful story that had very powerful and convincing acting. Hidden Figures was an inspirational tale of overcoming great odds and is a film that just makes you feel good. La La Land is a wonderful homage to the great musicals of the past but has a millennial feel to it, and the combination is breathtaking. Lion is a true story, which is accompanied by superb acting and storytelling.

As worthy as all these movies are for a Best Picture Oscar, I’m going to have to give it to Hacksaw Ridge. The story is faith-based and it is truly compelling. Mel Gibson really delivers once again with cinematography and storytelling that just blew me away. Hacksaw Ridge is a winner in so many more ways than just an Oscar.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this Oscar season turns out. But this year, I can rest assure that whoever wins will definitely be deserving of an Oscar.

Video production school attendee Evan!Juan Vasquez III is 28 years old and is from in Karnes City, Texas. Jay is doing his part in spreading the Word of God by excelling as a Digital Marketing apprentice at the Center for Creative Media. He enjoys superhero/action movies, comics, and playing basketball on his spare time.

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