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Center for Creative Media | Oscar Season Through The Eyes Of The Filmmaker

Oscar Season Through The Eyes Of The Filmmaker

Oscar Season Through The Eyes Of The Filmmaker

It’s that wonderful time of the year — the time when everyone is watching their TV’s and party snacks are covering the counters. The time where families come together, but sides are drawn. The time that Champions are made! No, it’s not the Super Bowl, it’s Oscar Season!

For those who are unfamiliar with the glory of The Oscar’s it is an event where each year, the best films from the previous year are nominated and placed into categories. From here, they are judged and then voted on for awards such as best actor, best actress, best sound design, best edit, best score, best director, and best picture.

“Whether it comes as irrational debates  or educated conversations, Oscar season is a time to talk about some great films.”

Naturally, those of us at the Center for Creative Media, a collective group of easily excitable filmmakers, would have something to say when it comes to Oscar Season. Whether it comes as irrational debates or educated conversations, Oscar season is a time to talk about some great films. As a standard, Oscar-nominated movies usually tend to be a bit on the dramatic artsy side, but for the most part, everyone is able to find a movie that inspires them. A movie that reminds them the reason and the dream they have in this, wonderful, filmmaking world.

The past few weeks we have been screening all the films nominated for different categories this year. And the past few Saturdays, we buckle in for the emotional rollercoaster of five films, documentaries, or animations. This Sunday we will have an Oscar party dressing according to the event and rooting for our favorite films — ending out the night, with the announcing of the winners, and the eternal glory that they receive.


Last year’s Oscar party!

For a normal person, the Oscar’s are mostly just a channel to flip to between the nightly news segments. For the avid filmmaker, though, the Oscar nominations are a level to strive to reach. More than the glory of getting a little golden man, the Oscar’s is an event that that inspires us and fuels our dreams of the films that we will make one day, and until I make that goal, I’ll keep on. I’ll keep sweating determination, keep crying creative tears, keep bleeding filmmaker blood.

Video production school attendee Isaiah!Isaiah Farr is an 18-year-old from Kansas City, Missouri. He is an aspiring writer, producer, director attending the Center for Creative Media as a production apprentice. Isaiah is the owner of multiple flannels, he believes in consuming hot cocoa before breakfast and after dinner, and a massive supporter of random dance parties.

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