Center for Creative Media | Doug Rittenhouse


Executive Producer and Founder

The President and Founder of the Center for Creative Media is veteran Television Producer, Doug Rittenhouse. For more than 30 years–from Network Broadcast, to Worldwide Telecast, to Multi-Platform program production–garnering over 20 Emmy nominations, 3 Emmys, 2 Golden Mics, and 13 Tellys, Doug has continually been part of television programs that have touched the hearts of viewers all over the globe.


“It’s all about effective story telling and having real people be transparent enough to make the audience on the viewer’s side of the ‘small screen’ care about the folks they’re meeting through the television.” Doug’s stated passion is at the core of what motivates him.


“I never really felt part of the band…” That startling revelation came from Steve Perry, the legendary voice of the rock and roll super group, Journey. “Steve, as well as the rest of the band, really opened up to us. Their genuineness is what made that show resonate with so many fans and viewers.” As the producer/writer and director of several episodes of VH1’s hit series, Behind the Music (BTM), Doug has brought the stories of Journey, Peter Frampton, REO Speedwagon, Peter Tosh, Hall & Oates, and many others into the homes of millions of viewers. “The key to our success with these episodes is going beyond the hit songs and revealing these famous musicians to be the real human beings that they are.”


Leading up to Doug’s stint at BTM were years of experience that cut many paths through Hollywood. NBC, Fox, Nickelodeon, CBS, ABC, National Syndication; Producing, Writing, Directing; Series, Specials, News, Documentaries, Sports; DGA Membership, WGA Membership, Representation: IMG… To quote Doug, “It’s been an amazing journey!”


Accolades and track record are important elements to an entertainment business career, but for Doug, the most important part of his work is the lasting effect each project can have. “The desire of my heart is that God would be glorified in my everyday relationships with co-workers, and that the programs I am involved with would in some way also glorify my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”


To further that goal, Doug has produced several projects which bring home the real stories of struggling people around the world for American audiences to feel and understand. One of those stories brought the plight of persecuted Christians in China to the screen for WorldServe Ministries (Dallas). To produce The Cross Behind the Wall, Doug and his crew traveled clandestinely into remote areas of China to conduct first-hand interviews with pastors who had been beaten and tortured in Chinese prisons. Other projects include Missions/Reality-Documentaries produced in Africa, Russia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia.


Now, as the President and Founder of the Center for Creative Media, Doug has been responsible for a breadth of production that reflects the establishment of a full-blown Film/Television studio. Since 2003, Doug has produced a nation-wide Motion Picture Event entitled SURGE, directed Music Videos, Produced/Directed Commercial DVD Releases, Produced all the Media Elements for eight Arena Tours and three Stadium Tours, Executive Produced the Broadcast of nearly twenty events (most of which lasted fifteen hours each), Produced a Live Event in Times Square (including the use of Times Square JumboTrons), Produced and Directed several Short Films, created innovative resources for youth groups, developed major websites, and has overseen the continued production of more than 200 episodes of a Broadcast TV Magazine Series.


“Every day I get to work with and develop young filmmakers who are part of the Center for Creative Media. I’m continually amazed and blessed by how God grows them, taking their talent and developing it into skills; incredible skills that are visible in every project we produce. It’s incredible what God is doing with our graduates. I literally get to be a part of turning dreams into reality!”


Making Film, Television, and New Media count for entertainment and for life.


That’s what Doug Rittenhouse is striving to do with the years of experience God has brought his way.