Center for Creative Media | Parents

Who We Are


The Center for Creative Media (CCM) is a two-year intensive film and television program that trains and equips participants through a hands-on production experience. CCM was created for young people with a passion and desire to see the world changed through media and for those who want real world experience while they are learning the tools of the trade.

 Our Goal


…is to raise up trained Christian film and television professionals who can affect the entertainment business by working in it. Graduates of CCM will be equipped to work in Hollywood on a staff where they may be the only Christian. Graduates will be readied to work on productions ranging from Christian to secular and from morally strong to overtly evangelistic. Media is not the enemy. Media is a tool. Media is an art. In short, it’s time to do more than complain about the Media. It’s time to do something about it.

 The Director


The Director of the Center for Creative Media is veteran television producer, Doug Rittenhouse. Doug has worked for more than 30 years at NBC, CBS, Fox, Nickelodeon, and VH1, and has received three Emmy awards for his work. Doug has also been heavily involved in missions work before coming to CCM.

Why CCM instead of other options?


Many prospective film/television professionals attend school or technical training before trying to break into “the biz.” But few of these hopefuls are really equipped to function in production when they graduate. Why? Because technical training and theory does not equal know-how. CCM prepares all of its graduates to be ready for immediate hire on real world production staffs. Success in the real world includes being able to manage people, understand the business, and have a dogged determination to get the job done. All of these qualities will be taught in a production company environment at CCM.

Development / Training



During the course of the program, CCM participants will have the opportunity to learn their craft from professionals who currently work in the film/television and media production industry. The training received will prepare someone with the skills and principles necessary to succeed in any area of the entertainment industry.



All Center for Creative Media participants will be spiritually prepped to stand firm in their beliefs as they enter the entertainment business. Study to reinforce sound Biblical principals are intended to build up each CCM participant by establishing an integrity-filled foundation and developing the Godly world view needed to be a part of the entertainment business.

Application Process


To apply, your young person must fill out an application (including transcripts, referrals, and application fee); send a portfolio package including anything creative they have done. The first month’s payment is due within the first thirty days after acceptance. During the application process, an admissions representative will also be in contact with you and your son or daughter to help with any questions they may have. A high school diploma or GED is required for applying to CCM.



The tuition for the Center for Creative Media is $1,500 per month for both the Production Track and the Acting Track. This price covers all program costs including housing, CCM travel, learning materials, and Professional Encounters.

For the Production Management Track, the tuition is $850 per month. This price covers all program costs including housing, CCM travel, and learning materials. The payments are tax-deductible as Center for Creative Media is a non-profit organization. Because CCM is a full-time program, CCM participants are generally not allowed to hold outside jobs.

Family Time


Families are encouraged to visit at any time that does not impede scheduled production and other required activities.  Participants who live in the region are free to go home on the weekends as long as there isn’t a required event or special project going on. Visiting family members are not allowed to stay overnight in CCM housing. Participants are given five days for Thanksgiving, ten days for Christmas, and five additional vacation days to be used at any time during the year. Vacations need to be approved by CCM leadership unless they are program-wide breaks. There is no scheduled Summer break.



CCM participants live in apartment-style housing. Participants buy their own groceries and cook for themselves. Housing is included in the price of CCM.

Safety and Medical


Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Should there be any health concerns, there are several health care facilities in the East Texas area that your medical insurance will cover. Do the homework before your young person arrives to know which facility they should go to if necessary. This also includes any needed trips to a pharmacy for prescriptions.



Most flights to and from CCM go through DFW Airport or Love Field in Dallas, Texas. The closest airport to CCM is Tyler Pounds Airport (TYR).  TYR is only 20 minutes from CCM.