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Center for Creative Media | Professional Encounters

A key component to the CCM experience is the professionals who are experts in their areas, presently working in Hollywood, New York, and other media centers, who train and raise up our participants with information and trade knowledge that could never be found in a book or a classroom.


Cinematographers, Writers, Makeup Artists, Actors, Lighting Directors, Executives… All of them key professionals who are currently working in the business, take time from their gigs to come spend time with CCM Participants. Being developed by someone telling you how to do what they do, and how to get into the business doing what they do, is invaluable inside information that you can only get in an experience like the one provided by CCM.

On Projects and at the CCM Studios


Work alongside professionals that we bring in to work on projects that CCM is producing. There’s nothing quite like learning how it’s really done that can compare to doing it right next to an expert. Work on Music Videos, Independent Films, or Commercials, all while you are learning alongside professionals who are experts.


Many of our participants have traveled across America shooting projects on location. Others have worked on many projects at the CCM Studios where all of our production equipment is available and the pros are teaching you to use it hands-on.

Josua In The Studio

In Hollywood and New York City


Travel to Hollywood or New York City during your time as a participant at the Center for Creative Media. Meet with the professionals where they use their creative expertise.


Participate in sessions led by award-winning pros who will pour into you what they know in a way that you will never forget.


Be part of exclusive tours at places like DreamWorks Animation where animators, specialists in rigging and layout, and 3D experts have spent hours with CCMers giving them key insight for the future. Or to places like Dolby Laboratories, where our participants have been given an inside look at Dolby Atmos technology.

Go behind the scenes at studios that are in full production, giving you a chance to see what’s going on in the backlot.


Gain critical direction and make connections with our CCM alumni who are working in the business today. Learn what they have learned. Get inside knowledge that will help you navigate the waters of getting your first professional gig and then maintain friendships that will help you find opportunities and excel as your breaks come and you are able to realize your dreams.


Professional Encounters: Real insight from real pros who accelerate your learning curve.