Center for Creative Media | Season Fulton

Season Fulton

From day one at CCM, Season dreamed of going overseas and using video to change the world: telling stories of need, poverty, injustice, and ultimately, outreach.



With that vision in mind, Season aggressively applied herself to every project at CCM, learning to capture the elements needed to tell a story, learning to write in a way that captivates an audience, and learning to produce a solid piece from top to bottom. She did so well that during her time as an intern, she worked on CCM projects that took her to South Africa, Peru, England, Scotland, and the Netherlands.



Season’s travels and professional development as an intern paid off! Within the first year after her CCM graduation, Sower of Seeds International Ministry asked her to join them in India to produce a promotional video for their ministry. She would be a one-man band: shooting, writing, and editing a piece by herself, with no support of a video department. Intimidated but excited, she embarked on what would become a long-term career with the ministry.



Over the past seven years, she has been back to India fourteen times, traveling the country, through Bombay and Delhi, ministering to women in the Red-light District, reaching into slums, and playing with orphans–all with a camera in tote! For each video, she spends several weeks in India, capturing the ministry’s heart and actions, then traveling back to the States to edit and duplicate her videos for the churches, donors, and partners of Sower of Seeds. “It is really hard. It’s dangerous in a sense. But I feel like I have a purpose and the Lord will protect me as long as I’m doing what He needs me to do there. And He’s equipped me to share people’s stories.”



Her forty-five minute documentary on the Red-light District, which she made by herself in one month, played in a rented out theater and raised forty thousand dollars for the non-profit ministry in its first night alone! Today, the video continues to play, reaching people and partners. “At that point, when I was making that film, I was like, ‘Lord, if you want to do something, You’d better do it.’ He really did! It was moving and extremely humbling to see people be so touched.”