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Social Media Marketing

Music Composition Track

Film, television, and innovative media are the most powerful and influential mediums of this generation, and potentially, of all time. As exciting as the entertainment industry seems, those with a heart for the screen are confronted with one nagging question—can you actually make a living doing what you love?

The answer is yes.

The Center for Creative Media is a two-year, hands-on, real-world program that prepares you to make it in “the biz” in the areas of pre-production, production, post-production, production management, acting, music composition, and social media. Our learning approach puts you on set working with professionals—not at a desk with textbooks.

 Your dream can become reality.


The foundation of the CCM Program is built on Jesus. While learning to be an industry professional, you’ll live life focusing on Jesus. If you have a heart to use film and television to build His kingdom, impact your generation, and strengthen your relationship with the Lord while preparing yourself to work in the entertainment business, then CCM is the perfect place for you.

How Does CCM Compare?

Hands-on Learning


Film School




CCM is not a classroom experience, but instead a hands-on, practical, “do it for real” experience. When you leave CCM, you will be fully prepared to work in the film and television industry, and be ready to handle the rigors of the tough environment production can presentall while standing out as salt and light. The training you receive comes from real industry veterans and CCM’s in-house professional staff who take the time to pour into the Center for Creative Media participants.

Check out our work below.

  • Production Track

    • Pre-Production
    • Production
    • Post-Production
    • Casting And Booking

  • Acting Track

    • Acting for the Camera
    • Exercises and Workshops
    • Auditions
    • Monologues, Scenes, and Showcases

  • Prod. Management Track

    • Management of Studio Resources
    • Project Management
    • Production Scheduling
    • Financing and Accounting

  • Social Media Marketing

    • Social Media Strategizing
    • Content and Profile Managing
    • Blogging
    • Team Managing

  • Music Composition Track

    • Music Writing
    • Scoring
    • Software Training
    • Telling Stories Through Music

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